Short Throw 4K Laser Projectors are the next big thing!

Short Throw just means the projector can sit much closer to the surface they are projecting onto giving it better versatility. These projectors are brighter and more crisp than their regular projector counter-parts due to the fact they use lasers instead of a bulb and lens setup.


So instead of mounting anything to the ceiling or wall you can put one of these in/on the media cabinet you already have or even recess it into the floor for a super clean look.

Since this projector sits much closer to the surface you are wanting an image on you are no longer bound by the same space restrictions. You might have a very small room and want a large screen but you can’t get a traditional projector far back enough for the size you want, or for a presentation you want the picture to be unobstructed even while you are standing directly in front of it.


If nothing else than just a better, brighter picture I think these projectors are worth the money and will over time drop in price as the technology and demand rise for these new types of projectors.

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