Short Throw 4K Laser Projectors are the next big thing!

Short Throw just means the projector can sit much closer to the surface they are projecting onto giving it better versatility. These projectors are brighter and more crisp than their regular projector counter-parts due to the fact they use lasers instead of a bulb and lens setup.


So instead of mounting anything to the ceiling or wall you can put one of these in/on the media cabinet you already have or even recess it into the floor for a super clean look.

Since this projector sits much closer to the surface you are wanting an image on you are no longer bound by the same space restrictions. You might have a very small room and want a large screen but you can’t get a traditional projector far back enough for the size you want, or for a presentation you want the picture to be unobstructed even while you are standing directly in front of it.


If nothing else than just a better, brighter picture I think these projectors are worth the money and will over time drop in price as the technology and demand rise for these new types of projectors.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell + Yale Lock

Nest Hello video doorbell and Yale door lock are here!


Amazing Quality and Usability

The Nest Hello Doorbell integrates seamlessly into the existing Nest products you may already own. Nest Hello lets you know who’s there, so you never miss a visitor or a package.

The Nest Hello video doorbell has one of the best cameras on the market

  • It shows a crisp picture in the daytime as well as night! The doorbell has a 2-way audio feature so you can talk to whoever may come to your door.

    It’s an extra safety feature!

  • Most burglaries happen after a thief has knocked on the door or rang the doorbell so see if anyone is home, now you can make it seem like you are home to deter a would be thief.
  • The Nest Hello has a anti-theft construction that prevents someone from being able to grab the doorbell off of the wall.


    The Nest app offers plenty of ways to personalize your notifications and your stored events.

  • The app has a “remembered face feature” so you can know who is coming in and out of your home. It also lets you know if it doesn’t recognize a face.
  • You can also tell the Nest app when and when not to notify you of an event such as motion in front of the door, exclude certain hours of the day, or turn the sensitivity of the motion sensor down within a few feet of the door.

The Nest Hello Doorbell can be installed for $300 (includes the price of doorbell) Must have existing doorbell or ability to run wires to location.

Can be installed in about an hour! To Schedule an install visit our Facebook or our Contact page.

Nest Yale Door Lock


Sleek, Modern Look and Unparalleled Convenience

This secure, tamper-proof, key-free deadbolt connects to the Nest app. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Give passcodes to guests. Set up expiration times. And get alerts whenever someone comes and goes.  (Requires Nest Connect or Nest Guard to work with the Nest app)

The Nest compatible Yale Door lock can be installed for $400 and only takes about an hour! (Requires Nest Connect or Nest Guard to work with the Nest app). To Schedule an install visit our Facebook or our Contact page.

Ask us about installation of a Nest security system if you do not have one! We can also install other brands of video doorbell and wifi door locks. If you have a preference let us know.


Here is a review of both products that go in-depth on the features and functions so that you may better understand if these would fit your needs! Nest Hello Video Doorbell + Yale Lock: Overview

Check out our recent work in our Photo Gallery!

Our biggest project yet!

Recently Smart Home Audio Video completed one of our biggest projects for a church in Destin, FL and it turned out amazing! The process only took about 3 days to complete with 2 people.

This is a dual projector screen that is about 25 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The screen size before was only about 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall. So we went from 60 square feet to almost 250!

This was a first for us blending two projectors to make one seamless image. We utilized a program the church was already using called Pro Presenter 6 and it’s built in add-on module called Edge Blending. There are a few ways to achieve this result but this was the most cost effective since any projector can be used with minimal additional hardware. Projectors with this feature built in are upwards of $10,000 each.


Once all the wood surrounding the old screen was torn down, all the nail holes had to be filled to make sure there was a smooth surface to paint the screen onto. The paint was recommended by Behr and can be purchased at any Home Depot. The paint name is Silver Screen (770E-2) and should be made in the Behr Ultra series with a matte finish.

This was actually the most time consuming part and if we only had to paint, mount the projectors, align them, and blend the edges it would have easily been done in two days.

After paint, came time to mount the projectors. The projectors used were two Eiki EK-601W’s. The existing mount was as basic threaded mount so we got some pipe fittings to make a “T” shaped bracket so that they would be mounted on the exact same height.

HDMI over Ethernet extenders were ran to each Projector through the drop ceiling. A key piece of hardware used was a DualHead2Go made by Matrox that plugs directly into the church’s Mac that is using the ProPresenter program. That allows the computer to “think” the 2 projectors are actually one very wide screen projector. There are a few other products like it but I highly recommend this one.

Lastly, the projectors aligned to get ready to edge blend the 2 screens together. Once they were aligned it took a few hours to make everything line up perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and look forward to more projects like this in the future!

If you prefer a video check out the Dual Projector Project Showcase

Smart Home A/V is a Nest Pro Installer!

Nest_PRO_Logo (1).png

With Summer in full swing, it’s time to turn on the A/C and watch your power bill soar. Or… you could invest in a Nest Learning Programmable Thermostat.

Smart Home Audio Video is a Nest Pro Installer and can install all the Nest Home Products. You can then have the peace of mind knowing it was installed correctly and to Nest’s specifications.

We also have access to Pro Grade equipment that you cannot get in a retail store!

In 2017, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Space cooling, Water heating, Lighting, Refrigeration, and Space heating took up about 47% of electricity consumption in the United States.

Automating some or all of these areas in your home with Nest Products can noticeably reduce your energy bill and eventually pay for itself.

How much of your content is 4K?

How much of the content you watch is actually in 4K? If you want a 4K experience you need more than just the TV. 4K TV’s are incredibly affordable now and are much more common to find in the box stores than even 1080p resolution TV’s and most of them have smart capabilities that boast streaming in 4K.

  • Netflix is one of, if not the, biggest streaming services out there. I would guess the majority people don’t know that in order to make use of that 4K TV they need a special plan from Netflix that enables Ultra HD resolutions, a compatible TV, and a steady internet speed of at least 25 megabits per second. For most 4K content you want to aim for the 50 megabits per second area but keep in mind that if you have a data cap with your ISP (internet service provider), Netflix estimates 7 gigabytes an hour for usage!
  • Hulu is another huge platform for streaming but has an underwhelming selection of 4K content and as of the last article I could find, you can only stream 4K content through a Xbox One S or a PS4 Pro. So if you don’t have an expensive gaming console you are out of luck.
  • Amazon Prime users have some great options for 4K content but are still subject to a minimum internet speed to stream the content.
  • Youtube has some awesome 4K content. There is a staggeringly high amount of free 4K videos but for some content you either have to have a Youtube Red subscription or rent.

The FCC voted in November of 2017 to let broadcasters start airing 4K content but to say the content is slim on that market would be an understatement. Most cable providers are just now starting to offer limited content in 4K with only Dish offering some dedicated channels to 4K.

So what is the best way to get 4K content on your awesome TV? Well having a fast internet speed is a must.


You can also buy 4K DVD’s. In a world of streaming everything, yes you should consider buying Ultra HD DVD’s. Not only are you not bound by internet speed restrictions or extra subscription for Ultra HD content that you may or may not be able to watch, you can know for sure that the picture you are seeing is true 4K resolution.

4K DVD’s are only a few bucks more than the Blu-ray ones and usually include a digital copy. You can also find cheap 4K DVD players for around $100.

Another big question is there a big difference between 1080 and 4K resolution? If you spent money on a 4K TV most likely its over 50 inches because they are increasingly affordable and who wants a small TV? Than you will absolutley be able to tell the difference between 1080 and 4K resolution. It does depend on the size and viewing distance from the TV though.

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